Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nothing Terrible about These Twos!

I recently made a quick trip to Nebraska to help celebrate Ethan's 2nd birthday.  And celebrate we did--Ethan style!  Two year old Ethan is nothing but smiles and laughter, and that is exactly what this weekend in Kearney was all about. 

It was clear from the beginning that the theme for this birthday boy would be cars.  Ethan LOVES cars!
"Cars falling in the mud" cakes!
The minute we arrived at his home, we were playing cars.  He has cars of all shapes and sizes, but mostly he likes the little ones.  He "drives" them all around the house on imaginary roads and courses.  My favorite course:  down my legs and crashing to the floor.  I think Ethan wore a new faded stripe down my jeans! Most of you know that I use a wheelchair for long distances, and Ethan LOVED tucking his cars in my "car seat" as he sees it!  Suddenly, using that wheelchair has taken on an entirely new feeling--I feel close to E and can hear his sweet voice and feel the cars near me!

Ethan also LOVES to draw and color, and he loves others to draw shapes for him, especially moons and stars.  His attention to detail is amazing for a two-year-old--he truly appreciates the artistic flair in anyone who draws for him. 

Ethan got showered with presents on this 2nd birthday, and he LOVED them all.  He even loved the clothes, although he definitely didn't spend as much time examining them but rather just gave a quick smile and said, "clothes!" and tossed them aside to move on to another gift!  From cars, to bikes, to Lil Red, Ethan cashed in on this birthday!
Tractors, bikes and helmets, oh my!
A birthday call from Kyle!
Lil Reds

Ethan is LOVED by so many.  He has grandparents and lots of aunts and uncles and cousins on his dad's side, and it was so fun to see him in the midst of them all.  On his mom's side (our side), Ethan is the only baby, and we are all absolutely gaga over him.  He has his great grandma (Grams), his grandma and grandpa (g g  and Jimpa), his only uncle, Jake, great aunts and uncles, cousin aunts and uncles.  To all of us, he is our first, and he has forever captured our hearts..And Ethan loves everyone!  He is so lucky to live close to so many of his extended family members, and for those of us not quite so near, FaceTime and iChat have made it possible for us to be a part of his life (thank you, Steve Jobs!)
Part of the fam!

Ethan is now a very cool two year old, and somehow it seems like he has always been a part of our family.   Of course, in a mystical sort of way, he has.

Happy Birthday, E!  May your life be full of millions of reasons to believe!

(Press play and turn up the volume to hear the pure, innocent laughter of a two-year-old playing basketball for the first time--ah-dorable!!!_


  1. Love E's laugh! Nothing like pure joy from a baby!

    1. It's magical! And to think, it wasn't that long ago that Logan was this age!