Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Big Man

No--say it isn't so--my words when I learned of the death of Big Man, Clarence Clemons.  I knew he had suffered a major stroke last week and that the media was reporting that it didn't look good, but I was hopeful.  He had come back from other health issues, and I just knew that he would recover from the stroke as well.  But that wasn't in the master plan; he lost his battle, we lost an amazing musician, and the lights have gone out on E Street.

Of course, Big Man was so much more than a musician.  He was an icon, a presence, a faithful friend, a hero, the "master of disaster," the "king of the universe."

Just what is it about Big Man that his death has caused my heart to bleed?  Well . . .

His friendship with Bruce--stories which Bruce has shared with his fans through his music, through his stories on stage, and Clarence's own versions of the same stories in a much more exaggerated style.

His magical presence when on stage with Bruce and the E Street Band.  When the spotlight was on Big Man or when he was center stage with Bruce, I just smiled from ear to ear--that kind of smile that makes my cheeks hurt.

Bruce introducing Big Man--always saving him for last and sometimes telling the story of how they met.  I and the rest of the crowd would go wild.

That saxophone--oh so recognizable even when not playing with Bruce.  "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out," "Born to Run," "Jungleland" just can't be the same without Big Man.

I can't imagine going to a Bruce concert and not deliriously waiting for Big Man to shine.  Oh sure, Bruce will go on, and maybe even the E Street Band will go on, but it won't be the same.

I'm just so glad that "the change was made uptown and the Big Man joined the band," and I got to see his magic in person.

Waiting for Bruce @ Pepsi Center 4/09

dancing to "Glory Days"

Micki and Jill dancing at the Bruce concert

Johnny 99--Woo hoo

A blurry Bruce and Big Man @ the Pepsi Center

It can't be over! (Big Man 2nd from left)

For that and for the music and memories and joy that Big Man leaves us, I have a reason to believe.

Good night, Big Man.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Bridesmaid

You know the old saying, "Always the bridesmaid, never the bride."  Well, that definitely applies to me.  And even though I have never walked down that aisle in a white gown with a train flowing behind me, I have walked down that aisle in a dark blue gown and a sky blue gown and a floral gown and a gold gown and an eggplant purple gown and a black gown and several pink gowns.  I have been honored and delighted to be the maid of honor and bridesmaid in many beautiful weddings throughout the years.

I remember each wedding vividly, although I can't say the same for the receptions and dances that followed!!  Champagne, kamikazes, wine, and even beer have clouded my memories of many of the celebrations, but, of course, all the craziness that alcohol brings on definitely adds to the fun times.

Being asked to be a part of anyone's wedding--maid of honor, bridesmaid, guest book attendant--is an honor and joy.  And so, thank you Lynne for letting me be your maid of honor in your bicentennial red, white and blue wedding, Joy for letting me be your maid of honor in your country-style wedding with my blue dress and hat, Jeanne for letting me be your maid of honor in your hippie wedding, Monroe for letting me be your maid of honor with all the beautiful garden flowers, Peg and Kerri for letting your big sister be a bridesmaid in your weddings, Lisa for letting me be your maid of honor TWICE--especially the Hawaii one, Jeanne B for letting me be a bridesmaid in your pink wedding,  the next generation--Andy, Jill, Micki, Amy--for letting me sit at the guest book and greet the wedding guests, Eileen for the same honor.  You have all given me a reason to believe--in love, in friendship, and in weddings!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Routine

Oh, how I love summertime!  I'm always amazed at how quickly I slip back into non-teacher mode and into a laid-back, stress-free life style.  Like . . .

Waking up when I want (not 5 a.m.) and leisurely starting the day without having to immediately jump in the shower!  (actually reading the newspaper with a cup of tea--Heaven!)

There's nothing like a sunny kitchen and the sound of birds singing!

NEVER knowing what time it is or what day of the week it is! (and it doesn't matter!)

Sunning on the patio with a good book and cold beverage!

My reading oasis!

Long walks with Lady Juliet!

One of our favorite spots--the "waterfall"!

Pool Therapy!  (and I mean that literally)

I so love this underwater treadmill!!!!!

Watching mindless TV like:

The Food Network!  
(Paula, Giada, Ina--they're my girls of summer!)

Reruns of The OC! (I know the dialogue by heart!)

and so many other wonderful summer delights!

I know all too soon I will have to change back into my other persona, teacher, and everything that goes along with that role, but for now,

the simple pleasures of summertime definitely give me a reason to believe!