Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lady Juliet Capulet Montague Thompson

Juliet, aka . . .

Pumpkin Pie

turns six this month.  February 20th to be exact.  I can't believe it has been that long since I welcomed this little ball of love into my life, and I certainly don't know what I did without her!  I mean, seriously--just look at that face!

I recently came across the journal entry I wrote shortly after I got her . . .

 (I'll blog about that some day!) and it reminded me of the puppy she was and how much she is still the same in so many ways.  Yes, she has grown older (and a little whiter around the eyes!) but here are some things that will never change:

her ability to be playfully crazy one minute and then be totally sacked out the next!
her picky eating habits (just like her mama!)
her unconditional love and devotedness
loving to have her tummy scratched
waiting in the window seat for me to get home from school
her wagging tail--always!
this little gremlin sound she makes when she wants attention
her love of sunshine and summertime
never tiring of going for walks
how she makes an entrance, ANYWHERE, and everyone has to stop and come see her
how she loves everyone

There will be many more Juliet blogs down the line.  For now, though, it is so true that a picture paints a thousand words, especially for Juliet, and I'll leave you with some of her best moments with the people who love her.

Juliet came to us at eight weeks old from Lisa Harrison, a breeder in Missouri.  From day one, she made it clear that she was one of us, that she was absolutely in love with us, and that she was home.


Of course she's a reader!

Princess Juliet
Which one is Juliet??
Jewel goes to school

Puppies grow up so fast, and it seemed as if Juliet changed right in front of my eyes.  

Everyone's girl--even Uncle Roger's!

ALWAYS on my team at the Jingle Bell Run!

Flying to Minnesota to see Aunt Kerri--first class, OF COURSE!

Swimming lessons with Jill and Roxi!
Looking good in red!
Watching and dreaming about being Best of Show!

A Cavalier tea party with her friends (she's on the left!)
Some of her favorites poses, including her favorite sleeping position!
More love from cousins!

 Her latest conquest, Ethan--even sharing the window seat with him!

Juliet is all grown up now, but she's still giving me
puppy kisses
 wagging tail welcomes
soulful-eye looks
reasons to believe!
Yes, I am a movie star!