Sunday, July 20, 2014

Christmas Lake Love

As I cling to these last days of my summer break, my body feels rested, my soul is renewed, and my heart is full of so much love.  It's been a beautiful summer!


Maui was unbelievable: (Maui blog!)

And Christmas Lake was pure love. 
 Most of The Thompson family was able to travel to Shorewood, Minnesota, to spend a glorious Fourth of July weekend celebrating family.  My niece Amy's toast summed up the family milestones so far this year.  We celebrated Gabe's graduation from high school, Amy's marriage to Austin and her new job, Peg and Jim's 30th wedding anniversary and both of them turning the big 5-0, Jill's pregnancy, the one-year birthday of The Twins and Drake, Ethan turning the big FOUR, and the sheer joy of being together as a family.

As is typical with any Thompson family gathering, there were lots of inside jokes that we will be referring to for years to come, like

bawling babies everywhere 
(said by all with so much love!)

it was the twins 
(Micki's comment when Kerri walked into cheerios and scrambled eggs decorating the screen porch.  From that point, everything was blamed on the twins!)

Please enjoy this slideshow of all the love and reasons to believe that Christmas Lake brings to our family--