Monday, March 24, 2014

Video Chatting from a New Perspective

I just finished an unbelievable FaceTime call, and I'm still asking myself, "Did that just happen??"

It started out as a typical Saturday morning video chat with my niece and her two boys.  Ethan, our almost-four-year-old, wasn't really in the mood to talk, and besides, he needed to use the bathroom.  That left us chatting with Micki and Drake, our almost-one-year-old.

Drake LOVES to FaceTime.  He smiles and "talks" and then always looks at his mom to see how she reacts to the conversation.  He could talk for hours.

During this chat, Micki was needed in the bathroom (see Ethan above!)  She put the iPhone down near Drake so we could continue watching him.  And that's when the mayhem unfolded, right before our cyber eyes . . .

 We watched as Drake realized the iPhone was still on . . . and it was in his reach . . . and he was alone.    A huge smile appeared as he crawled over and grabbed the phone.  He stood up (Drake is toddling now) and started walking down the hallway, continuing to "chat" with us.  We could see his little bobble head as he toddled on his mission, straight to the bathroom.

Drake gave us quite a viewing--we saw Micki helping Ethan, who was not very happy about that.  We heard the sound of the toilet flushing, and just as I said, "I hope he doesn't drop the phone in the toilet," we were suddenly underwater.  We saw swirling water, we heard the bubbly sound of running water, and we saw a hand reaching into the water.  The next thing we saw was a water-blurred reflection of Micki, and then our connection ended.  All the while I'm screaming at Micki, "He dropped us in the toilet!" trying to get her attention.  It was just so unbelievable, but I have to hand it to Apple--the camera and sound on that iPhone worked amazingly underwater!

Now, I'm sure that many an iPhone has been dropped in many toilets throughout the world.  I'm not so sure, though, that anyone has been on a FaceTime call to witness the underwater view.  My only wish is that I would have been recording this chat, for I'm sure I would be $10,000 richer, courtesy of America's Funniest Videos!

Oh, Drakester--you are going to be SO MUCH FUN!