Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 . . . Where Did You Go?

I always like to watch all the news programs on New Years Eve as they look back at the top moments of the year, the movers and the shakers, the highs and the lows, the sad "in memoriam" montages.  As I was visualizing my own personal "a look back" montage, I almost got dizzy as the scenes of 2013 whizzed through my mind.  I have had some years that I can't wait to see end; other years I find myself clinging to that last second, not wanting the magic to end.  But this year--busy and jam packed--I simply can't believe is over.

What was it that made time fly this past year?
Maybe seeing this guy turn three left me in disbelief:

or the birth of our very own royal babies (read all about it!)




 Or helping my mom celebrate her 85th birthday with all members of our family by her side

I only hope I can be as happy and beautiful as she is when I'm an octogenarian!

or perhaps taking trips, near and far, made me lose track of time . . .

Or maybe it was the change in teaching assignments--after teaching 7th graders for the past twelve years, I made a change and am now teaching 11th and 12th grade English.  Once school started in August, everything took a back seat--blogging, reading, lunching, shopping--I have been like a first-year teacher all over again as I implement a new curriculum.

I'm breathless thinking about the whirlwind year that is about to end, and I'm ready for whatever 2014 has in store.

And so, whether you jump into 2014 with my friend Kari (see here)  
or with Max and Madi

or whether you crawl into the New Year, Drake style

I hope you are blessed with the energy, enthusiasm, and innocence of a three year old

and that you cherish your reasons to believe.

Happy 2014