Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dogs Remember

I often hear stories about dogs getting lost and separated from their owners for months or even years.  Sometimes they find their way back home, from blocks, or cities, or even states away. Sometimes they are returned to their homes by kind strangers who found them somewhere along the way.  No matter the means, those returning dogs always remember their families  and their homes, and everyone is filled with happiness and joy and love at these reunions.  It's a beautiful sight to behold.

Thank the Good Lord Above that my Juliet has never been lost.  But I have witnessed her uncanny memory throughout her eleven years.  The most heartwarming, tear-jerking example occurred just recently.

First, a little backstory . . .

Jewel's very first,, and probably only, friend was Ren, my sister's Toy Fox Terrier.  He was the first dog (other than her mom and siblings) Jewel met.  She was just a puppy, but Ren was already a senior dog.  She loved Ren.  Ren tolerated her.  They spent a lot of time together, and they were loved by the same family and friends.  Sadly, the day that all dog lovers dread came, and Ren's life ended.  Even though he lived a long life, we were all sad to see him go.  Saddest of all was Jewel.  Every time my sister came to visit, Jewel looked desperately for Ren.  When we went to visit my sister in Colorado Springs, Jewel searched for him in every room.  And even now, five years later, she still looks for Ren when Lynne is present, causing such bittersweet feelings.

Ren and Jewel

Which brings me back to my story.

My mom and I were watching the 2017 Westminster Dog Show a few weeks ago.  Jewel was in her normal evening spot--on her princess pillow, softly snoring.  The Toy category was being judged to see which Toy breed would advance to Best in Show.  (I always cheer for the Cavalier King Charles :)  Jewel woke up and decided to change spots. She passed near the television as she looked for her second favorite spot.  Suddenly, she stopped right in front of the TV, tail wagging and eyes transfixed.  I was reading, not paying full attention, but when Jewel started barking, I glanced up.  There, front and center, was the Toy Fox Terrier, strutting his stuff for the judges.  Ren, in Jewel's eyes, was about to win Best in Show!

Ren, in Jewel's eyes :)