Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Cokes!

One thing I really look forward to during the holidays is having a Christmas Coke, a festive, creamy drink enjoyed by my entire family. This holiday drink tradition began many years ago when my nieces and nephews were kids. As we gathered together at my mom's house in Alliance, many of us would be having a glass of wine or a cocktail in a fancy goblet. The kids wanted to have fancy drinks, too, and so we got out the Christmas goblets purchased for $1.00 from Arby's, added ice and Coca Cola, topped them with cream, and, voila,  the Christmas Coke was born! Of course, the kids didn't notice when I sometimes slipped a shot of Kahlua into my goblet, thus making the adult version, a Colorado Bulldog!

Preparing a Christmas Coke can be almost as fun as drinking one. For our family, we MUST use our Arby's Christmas goblets, or they just don't taste the same!   However, we have been known to use other glassware, but only as a last resort when Arby's glasses aren't available. But always, ALWAYS, we have to fill whatever glass we use with ice first. Then, if we are making adult versions, the Kahlua is added, followed by the Coca Cola.

The last, most beautiful step, is adding the cream (or half and half) and watching the thick, creamy layer settle on top. Beautiful!

Our Christmas Coke tradition continues year after year. The "kids" now have the adult version right along with me, but sometimes I find myself leaving out the Kahlua and going back to a time when a creamy Coca Cola tasted like a little bit of Heaven.

 And so, I lift my Arby's Christmas goblet full of Christmas Coke and wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2012. May your year be filled with so many reasons to believe!