Saturday, July 1, 2017

Russell Lee

Our 8th Royal Baby arrived last fall!  (meet all of them here and here and here and here) Russell Lee Hawk was born to my nephew Nathan and his wife Lindsey on October 7, 2016. His arrival came just a bit early, resulting in a tiny but healthy 5 pound baby.
Lindsey, Nathan, and newborn Russell Lee
Homeward Bound
The wait to meat Russel was excruciating.  All my good intentions to get to Minneapolis after the forty day ban was over (only Mom, Dad, and grandparents met him at first)  didn't pan out until April.  Six months.  That was hard!  But oh my, was the wait worth it.
Grams and I get to meet Russell.  Finally!

I learned quickly that little Russell has the most adorable personality.  He is
(he grabs everything, especially hair!)
a wannabe foodie 
(he loves to taste anything he can reach!)
(that smile!) 
(rarely a cry out of this little guy)
(I dare you not to fall in love with him)

But of course he is--he is a miniature version of his dad.  Nathan has always had a smile that will melt your heart.  And Nathan has always been a foodie.  I have clear memories of him sitting on a stool at two years old enjoying fresh strawberries dipped in the sugar bowl or ordering sophisticated appetizers as a teen (no chicken fingers for Nate) or whipping up gourmet meals in the kitchen.

And his grandparents--my sister Kerri and her husband Marty raised their family with love and laughter.  They are passing that on to Russell Lee.  Marty loves to carry Russell around and Kerri loves reading to him.

Lindsey's parents adore Russell Lee as well.  They live close by, and Russell will always be surrounded by family.

Kerri and Marty with their first grandson
Nathan's brothers, Russell's uncles and my nephews, are absolutely gaga over him.  They carry him around, read to him, and let him join in video games.  Adam and Gabe will be amazing role models for our Russell.
Uncle Adam and Uncle Gabe

I can't wait to watch as Russell Lee, our 8th royal Baby, grows and changes.  Welcome to our beautiful world, baby Russell 💗
Growing up!

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