Saturday, April 16, 2016


Our family has been blessed again with another Royal Baby.  Henry Archer Alldredge joined our family on November 7, 2015, born to my niece Amy and her husband Austin.

Compared to our other Royal Babies, Archer's arrival was a cakewalk (Amy might have something to say about that!)  Amy's due date was November 12, so none of us were prepared for the phone call a week before that date.  We were all celebrating Lucy Mae's 1st birthday in Lincoln when my cell phone rang.  When I saw Amy's name on the screen, I just assumed she was calling to wish Miss Lucy a happy birthday .  Instead, I heard Amy's voice, a little sleepy, a little giddy, and a lot happy .  Their baby boy was here.

So many people were anxiously awaiting little Archer's entrance into our world.  Even though he lives all the way in California, his new family quickly arranged trips to the West Coast to surround him with love.

Poppi T
Alabama Grandma, Grandpa, and Cousin
Uncle Andy

Some of us had to wait a little longer to meet Archer.  In fact, he had to come visit us in Colorado, and we are so glad he did!!
Meeting Aunt Ana and cousins Max and Madi

The seemingly endless wait was so worth it!

We couldn't get enough of Archer when he was here in Colorado.  We even got to have a slumber party at my house!  And throughout the whole process of meeting new family, meeting Jewel, playing with twin cousins, having his first tea party, and being passed around like a football, Archer rarely cried.  He's such a good baby!!

As Archer grows and changes, some things have become obvious.  Like . . .

He's going to grow up with football all around him.  From his mama's Stanford Cardinals to the Thompson's Nebraska Huskers and the Colorado family's Denver Broncos all the way to his dad's Alabama Crimson Tide, Archie's life will be full of the excitement and thrill that is football.


Even though Archer is far away in distance from most of his extended family, he is close to all of our hearts.  We all look forward to planning trips to San Francisco, and we're anxiously awaiting his next adventure to Colorado.  Or Alabama.  Or Nebraska.  Or wherever life takes Archer!

Welcome to our beautiful world, little Archer!!!

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