Tuesday, July 5, 2011


My fourteen-month-old great nephew Ethan made his first visit to my house in Colorado, and my heart (and house!) will never be the same.  From the moment he entered my front door, his tiny presence filled my place with fun, wonderment, laughter, and so much love.

The morning of Ethan's arrival (along with his mom, my niece Micki, and grandma, my sister Peg) found me anxiously watching the clock and calling their cells to check on their travel progress.  I worked at my computer in my study in order to pass the time and also to be able to see out the large window that faces my driveway.  Much sooner than I anticipated, I saw the dark blue of Peg's Honda Element turn the corner and pull into the driveway.  Ethan had arrived!!!

I wasn't sure how E would react to his great aunt, especially after being stuck in a car seat for a long trip across Nebraska.  I visited him in Lincoln two months earlier for his first birthday celebration.  And we also FaceTime frequently where E is all smiles and kisses when we video chat.  So I was hopeful that he would have some memory of my face and voice.  I was not, however, prepared for the reception that soon occurred!

Micki carried E through the front door and put him down just inside the threshold.  I was still in the study but could see his little face looking sleepy and a little confused.  In my slightly dramatic tone (who me--drama queen??) I said, "Hi Ethan," to which he smiled and (this is the important part!) came running to me and put his sweet hands on my legs and hugged me!!!  I thought my heart would burst--I fell head-over-heels in love with him all over again!!!

From that point forward, Ethan owned all of us--me, my mom, Jewel--we were all under his thumb the entire time he blessed us with his presence.  

And it was  GO, GO, GO from the time he awakened each morning until nap time until bedtime--E never stops!  If only the energy of a one-year-old could be bottled!
Jewel even let Ethan in her crate!

In the short amout of time that E was here, a lot of magical moments happened in Colorado.   Here are my favorites:

Ethan and Jewel sharing the window seat!

Ethan enjoying spaghetti at Bruno's Italian Bistro!

Visiting Golden and walking along Clear Creek!

Lunch at Morrison Inn!


Ethan discovering Mr. M & M--his mom enjoyed it just as much when she was his age!

Ethan loving the computer!

Ethan loving EVERYONE!
About to get a kiss!!!

All too soon, the time came for Ethan, Micki, and Peg to head back to Nebraska.  I was dreading this-- I knew the house would feel so empty without hearing E's little voice or the pitter-patter of his little feet in my kitchen and hallway.  I was right--there was an emptiness, but Ethan left behind lots of treasured memories and love.
    Oh, and . . .
a pacifier!
a journal entry!

Ethan's visit to Colorado was way too short for me, but in that little space of time I became aware of so many reasons to believe.  Loving Ethan allows me to believe in babies, in innocence, in silliness, in enchantment, in waving bye bye, in going until I'm tired and then taking a nap--preferably with Blue Bear, in letting people know when I'm hungry and then eating until I'm full, in stomping my feet if I'm happy and I know it, in big sloppy kisses, in hugs, in new generations, in family, in being head-over-heels in love.

Ethan, you are so VERY loved!!!!


  1. I adore this blog post. It is perfectly written. I am all teary...you wrote it in a way that let me meet Ethan and all the joy he is. Thanks for this reason to believe!

  2. Love that red hair! What a cutie-patootie! :)