Monday, January 20, 2014

"Some People Are Worth Melting For"

I'm not a movie reviewer, partly because I just don't go to that many movies, but I know what I like.
 And I LOVED Frozen!

It's true--I love most Disney movies--the princesses, the princes, the good conquering evil, the love stories, the unforgettable music, the comic relief, the darkness inside all that light, the vibrant, breathtaking colors.  Frozen has all of these, and even though Disney movies can be predictable as a result of the familiar, Frozen has something more, making it sit right there at the top of my Disney movie list--right along side The Little Mermaid, and that's saying something. 

Frozen has a twist.  Just when all the pieces are falling into place, the plot changes directions, leaving predictions for the ending wide open.  I won't be a spoiler, though, because what I love most about Frozen, aside from this twist, is that this is a movie about


and the sometimes complicated love and loyalty that is unique to the sisterhood.

Of course I thought of my own sisters as I watched, spellbound, as Elsa and Anna grew up on the screen in front of me.  Their Disney lives somehow reflected many of my own experiences as the middle sister of the four Thompson girls, and the fact that Elsa was blonde and Anna was a redhead just made that reflection even more clear.  Lynne and Peg, sisters 1 and 3, are the gingers in the family, and Kerri, the baby sister, and I are the blondes.

Just like Elsa and Anna, our sister roles, seemingly so defined, change from time to time as life changes.  The take-charge, lead-the-way big sister role has passed through all of us at one time or another, as has the spoil-me, play-with-me, teach-me baby sister role, and the mediator, hold-everthing-together, backbone role of the middle sister.

One sister role that never changes, though, is that of forever friend.  I've experienced many times throughout life that it isn't the prince who is going to be the hero in my life.  That role has already been taken.  If I need saving, my sisters will take care of that.  Or (maybe a little spoiler alert here) teach me to let go of my fears and save myself.

Yep . . .

I would melt for these reasons to believe anytime.

My Annas                            My Elsa